Monday, March 3, 2014

Whitworth Ranch Relaxation and Creativity Weekend 2014


Wooden letters from Canton

Paper Napkin collage

Face artwork

Painting from a photo

Gelli Plating

Rug Hooking

Mod Podge Molding


Fabric Snipping and Polymer Clay Molding


Sharing of supplies

Painting wooden letters

Needle felting


More journaling

all in a beautiful setting

crafting while in PJ's

or just relaxing

it was a great weekend full of creativity

altered clip board

painted assembled pieces

working on faces
beautiful supplies

high tea


lemon bars

clotted cream and lemon curd, my new addition

high tea
Paper Cowgirl has found a new home.  And its the sweetest little place that you would ever wanna be at!  Whitworth Ranch Retreat.

Smaller groups are going to be the new norm.  Whitworth Ranch has room for 18 and two large crafting rooms.  We've just had our second "relaxed weekend" of knowledge sharing and "flying by the seat of our pant's creativity" and it was a huge success.  

Owner Stacy Seely kept us well fed!  From comfort food to High Tea, it was a delicious weekend.  Homemade Granola, freshly baked cookies, and more was the sustenance needed for late night crafting sessions.  

Forgot your scissors?  No worries!  We had a great visit from the Craft Coach for needed supplies.  As well as a Canton road trip and a trip to Big Mouth Scrappers.  And sharing was not a problem for this great group of gals.  

What a fun weekend and we will be doing it again in June.  I'll keep ya posted. Cause we're back in the saddle again.  :)


Monday, January 7, 2013

Three Years Gone

Tina Wright
Sept. 29, 1965 - January 3, 2010
Hard to believe that its been three years since this lovely lady has been gone.

Oh how I miss her laugh, her salty tongue, her humor, her whinny tone when things did not go the way she wanted, her creativity and her love of art.  She was a force to be reckoned with and I will be forever grateful for the day that she commented on my blog and came into my life.

Tee was not just brave, dang, the girl was just fearless when it came to art.  There was nothing that she did not want to explore, be it paint, paper or both.  Hence the name of her blog.  She attacked it all with gusto and enthusiasm.  I miss that.

On most days, I'm not sure about the direction of Paper Cowgirl anymore.  I'm sure I'm not doing what she would have done.  I'm not sure that I really want to carry on with it.  But I am sure of this, she would want us to stay curious, to stay creative, to be passionate about what we love to do.

And if you have not found what you love, search for that tiny spark in your soul and fan it.  Let your creative passion begin to burn.  Be curious and find your spark.  Tee would have wanted that.

I want that for you as well, for there is nothing so satisfying as creating.  Be it words, food, crafts, art, music, or a story...just nurture your creativity.  Find a class, watch an on-line tutorial, step out of your comfort zone.  Don't just

In little ways and in large.  Its not always about creating, sometimes its just in the way that you look at things.  And though the phrase is overused, yes it is thinking outside of the box.  Look at your world with new eyes.  Be curious.  Tee always was.

Tee, I know, somewhere in heaven, you are creating like mad.  Oh my friend, how I miss ya and  love ya.

You left us too soon.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Crown

Crown I created for my friend Ruthe's Birthday

As you know, I am a huge fan for taking classes.  Be it online, at your local scrap shop or at a fantastic retreat (like Paper Cowgirl perhaps), you just can't beat a class for expanding your knowledge on a particular craft or tool.  

She's a Halloween baby and the Halloween Queen!

I myself had "crown fear".  I had made one in the past, but because it did not turn out perfectly, I got frustrated and never did another.  And then I took Binky's class at Something Wicked and I LOVED it!  

Binky taught us to make the back as pretty as the front.

And I got over my crown fear.  Now, this one turned out a little "wonky" and I had to re-glue that edge down.  And I ended up putting some ribbon through the back to tie it tighter together.  But other than smudging the Stickles on the front, I was happy with the way it turned out.

A crown for my Witchie friend....

But even better, my little "witchie" friend loved it.  And understood that it was representing Halloween night.  

...depicting Halloween night in all its autumn glory! with a vintage feel.

And I'm thinking I'm going to be creating allot more crowns.  

I love taking a class!  

Gotta love taking a class!  

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Students Results May Vary

I love the fringie ruffle around her neck and the cat in the cage.

Napkin transfer in background and cat used as her mask!  

A noose adds texture and scary!  

Pearlized background is so pretty, elegant swirls and bats!

The cross makes the background totally different, now its a graveyard.

One class, several different resulting projects.  I love it.  Here is the original project:

I adore the various results above, I'm sorry to say that I cannot remember who did what, but I love them all and they are each and everyone, beautiful! I love creating.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

What is an Art Retreat?

...craft and art supplies...

...and generous teachers...

...meeting new friends...

...being silly...

...great teachers...

...hanging with old friends....

...being creative...

...sweet treats...

...wearing your crown, be it invisible or not...


...plugging into a creative outlet that lasts for days after...

..talking about creativity...

...creating something beautiful...

...finding kindred spirits...

...connecting with each other...

...being silly, catch-phrases, boo-boo's...

...great food...


...being amazed at others creative abilities... art with friends...

...creative cuteness overload...


...learning from other students...

...encouraging the young and learning from them too...

...being messy...

...creating something beautiful...

...being silly, laughing, sharing, being connected through creativity, finding kindred spirits... Art or Creative inspired Retreat is all this and more. This was Something Wicked 2012. Come play with us sometime.