Monday, March 8, 2010

June 2010 Teacher's Announcement

As promised, here are our teacher's and class list for this June. Unfortunately, I was not able to add pictures, but you can click on each link to see photo's and each teacher's blog, hopefully!

Registration will be open in a few weeks. Each class is limited to 20 students each. We are working on the page for registration and hope to have it up by next week.

Ann-Denise Anderson – Artist/Teacher

Fabric meets Paper! What a love affair!
A lady traditionally wore these fashionable boots in the Victorian era. The Victorian era was from 1837 until 1901 and the Edwardian era began in 1901 and lasted until 1910 or 1912.
If you were going to strut down the street how would you wear your boots? Ruffles, glitzy, fleur a’ fleur. It is all up to you! I will teach you how to construct these beauties from scratch and then we will have a grand ole’ time fashioning the most beautiful piece of footwear from the Victorian and Edwardian era!
The inspiration for these came from feathers, buttons, the old tattered look of the tea stained raunched crepe paper and the most irresistible part is that you design it all! In this workshop you have full reigns and the stage is yours. You will learn embroidery, millinery secrets, creping and of course everyone’s favorite glittering! Hey lets add some steel wire and make Edwardian ice skates too!
Imagine making these for all holiday displays, bridal gifts, holiday ornaments!
The ideas are endless, so come on ladies, let’s strut our stuff!
Cost of Class $52

Jennifer Babcock – Artist/Teacher

This sweet little altered birdie box will have you all “a twitter”. You will learn to cover boxes with both paper and paint as well as altering a decorative birdie that will be attached to the top box. Its just “tweet”.
Cost of Class - $20.00

Angela Berger - Artist/Teacher

In this class we will be learning to make simple wire loops, wrapped wire loops, wire wrapped lace beads, as well as the proper opening/closing of jump rings/chain links as well as linking beads and clasps. Helpful tips and hints will be interspersed throughout this class which will result in techniques learned to create a vintage inspired wire wrapped lace and beaded necklace comprised of wire, chain, sparkling Swarovski rondelles, Swarovski pearls in chocolate brown and platinum hues, Czech glass druk beads, vintage lace, toggle closure, jump rings. Your asymmetrical necklace will combine vintage lace as well as a vintage rhinestone focal pendant combined with the newer pearls and findings. The result is a versatile, shabby classy necklace which can be worn with jeans and casual attire, or your dressier wardrobe!
Class cost - $45.00

Sandra Feazel – Artist/Teacher

Come join me for a fabulous time as we layer on paint, pattern and paper to make this whimsical painting. Learn the process of using beeswax to instantly age your art! We will start with an 8 x 10 canvas and acrylic paints, layering on everything from metallic paint to scrapbook paper, to scraps of vintage hymn books., then we will hand paint a sweet nest with eggs and an adorable sweet chick and adorn the branches with pretty painted blossoms. As a finishing touch, we will heat some sweet scented beeswax and brush it over our work to add instant patina and depth! I will demonstrate some of the many ways beeswax can be used in art. My class kits come with all the supplies. All you need to bring are your favorite paint brushes. This is a class for all levels of skill, even a beginning painter can complete this project.
Cost of Class $50.00

Cindy Gilstrap – Artist/Teacher

Inspired by Paris boutiques and flea markets this class is sure to have you dreaming of Paris. We will take a 6x12 stretched canvas and turn it into a wonderful store front window view of a Paris dress shop. We will be mixing vintage and new items to make our little dress shop window the envy of any shopper! In this class we will learn how to collage a background, distress the background, and manipulate vintage paper to create our beautiful dress on a vintage dress form. A sweet roof will be created to complete our dress shop. All supplies will be provided in this class. Students will just need to bring scissors and/or a craft knife and a pencil.
Cost of Class $ $50.00

Chantal Johnson - Artist/Teacher

Let inspiration come to you during this class where we will explore various techniques such as metal embossing, collage, gold leafing, faux finish and handmade flowers just to name a few. Also during this class we will be using alcohol inks, acrylic paints, perfect pearls, and many embellishing techniques. Each kit will be filled with tags, papers, ribbons, trinkets and treasures. Stamps, paints, inks and other mediums will also be supplied. Knowing our Cowgirls- Feel free to bring your trinkets and treasures. Tag, you're it! Please bring a basic class kit
Cost of Class - $70.00

LaVerne Johnson Artist/Teacher

This project is an altered book used for display. I use small library books with sturdy bindings and quality paper. A number of pages are removed with the remaining pages being folded and sealed to create a series of pockets. Because they can stand open to reveal their contents, they are perfect for collecting and displaying paper items. Once the basic layout and pocket making techniques are learned, we will be able to create individual versions of altered pocket books for many different purposes.
The materials are simple: a small book, paper glue, and satin tape to form the pockets. The pockets are embellished with vintage paper such as sheet music, maps, dictionary pages, or ledger sheets. The pockets are distressed and stamped with a variety of stamps and stamp pads. Cost of Class - $40.00

inspired by Rebecca Sower

Joanna Lewis
– Artist/Teacher

Calling all Bird Lovers!
Join me, and together, we will transform an old cigar box into an adorable “feathered friend” collection. The main point of this project is the wooden block collage that will be “fluffed” up to create an interesting center piece. Other techniques, such as painting & beading will be tied in as well. You will leave class with your own unique piece of art, ready to be displayed in your “nest”.
Materials needed for class:
cedar lined cigar box (6x8” or larger),
paper trimmer, glue, and permanent adhesive.
Cost of Class - $42.00

Dale McLain – Artist/Teacher

Yes, being the Queen of France was wonderful, but what Marie Antoinette really longed to be was King Neptune's consort. The magical realm of the sea spoke to her soul. Now you can grant Marie's wish by creating this enchanting shadowbox where Marie reigns as the Mermaid Empress of the Deep.
This 10" x 8" assemblage is displayed under glass and is lush with glittery shells, pearls and sea flora and fauna. Participants will learn a flower-making technique that can be applied to other projects.
Please bring to class - low temp glue gun & glue sticks, scissors, tacky glue
Cost of Class - $50.00

3 Tags / 5 Techniques
Lisa McILvain – Artist/Teacher

In this class you will make 3 altered hanging tags make from 4x6 inch chipboard
You will learn to make contact paper transfers, transparencies, resin charms, transfer onto fabric & then your sew, burn & embellish to make each piece a unique work of art.
Cost of Class - $45.00

Mendy Mitrani – Artist/Teacher

Join me for some Digital Art Fun at Paper Cowgirl 2010! In my class you will learn how to design postcards, scrapbook layouts, blog banners, art cards, blog beauties, and SO much more! We'll work with colors, layers, shadows, etc. I will bring samples that have been printed out by either my computer or elsewhere. I will give you my "secret" fast and cheap printing sites.
Simply bring your laptop with Adobe Photoshop (5.0, 6.0, 7.0 or 8.0) uploaded and ready to go. I will be using PS 7.0. (Free trial downloads available on Adobe) Also bring your backup charger (just in case!) I will have extra extension cords.
A fabulous class kit CD will be available when you check in at the Paper Cowgirl event. The CD will include a huge lot of fabulous digital vintage and vintage inspired images for the class and for your future digi art. Students will need to put the CD in their laptops and download all the goodies in a folder. Feel free to also use your own personal photos...just have the photos in a folder in "My Pictures" in your "Documents."
This class will be taught using my PC, but if you have a MAC, you can still follow easily.
Get ready to be "hooked" on digi art!
Cost of Class – $45.00

Jennifer Stewart – Artist/Teacher

Waving flags, popping fireworks, soldiers in uniform, yummy treats...all fond reminders of a traditional fourth of July celebration! In this class we'll create an old-fashioned patriotic banner, full of festive sparkle and that perfect touch of vintage. We'll play with chunky glitter, gorgeous papers and fabric, antique postcard prints, ribbons and lace, and learn several new techniques as we create. Every heart rings true for the red, white and blue with this banner in your home!
Cost of Class – $35.00

Deb Taylor – Artist/Teacher

Beginning with an old discarded or damaged book, you will combine new paper for pages, vintage fabrics, hand-dyed papers and fabrics, buttons, beads and baubles to create your very own personal journal to be filled with photos, writings, drawings, recipes, or mementos from Paper Cowgirl Art Retreats!
After this class you will be able to adapt this technique to make any size journal with any theme you can imagine...weddings, new baby, graduations, love notes, recipes, holidays and Cowgirl Dreams!
Cost of Class $45.00

Thanks for taking the time to look. In the weeks to come, we will highlight each teacher and share more class info.

If you need any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me.



LaVerne said...

Congratulations, Cindy!!! Your post looks great snd the classes sound amazing...the only down side is that I can't take the ones being offered when I'm teaching(if my class makes). I added a note to my blog; I'm ready to register as soon as that part of the site is up and running.

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

Wonderful choice of classes Cindy! I'll be taking many of them.

Congrats to all the teachers!

deb did it said...

Looks great....but all you Cowgirls please come back real soon when we get those links working right so you can come visit all our blogs and get to know us!!

Jennifer Stewart said...

I posted photos of all of the classes on our Facebook Paper Cowgirl page, just in case anyone wants to go see 'em :)

Cindy (Junque Art) said...

So many great classes!!! We are going to have so much fun and I am sooooo looking forward to being a part of this year's PC!!!

~Mlle de Sombreuil~ said...

Oh! I am so excited because I have been wanting to learn about this new wave of creativity, that I have seen on some of the blogs. But I need more infor.. Were is it going to held at? How many classes can you take? I know the dates and I am going to make arrangements to attend. Soooo excited! Audrey

mendytexas said...

Can't wait to see all my PC friends again!! So happy to be a part of the weekend. Can't wait to sign up! :)mendy

Whim & Fancy Designs said...

It looks superb! Good job C~ & Dale , Thanks:) Appreciate all your hard work!
xoxo, AD

Jan (J.T.) Thomason said...

I am so excited that I'm not teaching this year - look at all the wonderful classes I get to choose from without worrying that the one I REALLY want is opposite of the one I'm teaching! lol

I can't wait 'til P.C. to see everyone from the last two years and to meet all the new p.c.'s!!


Sandra at 7th St. Studio said...

The line up of classes looks so great!! cindy you did do a great job of making it a well rounded retreat! How will anyone decide what classes to take??? We may be teaching until the wee hours of the morning!!! LOL! Great job and lots of great feedback on the blogs!

cindy said...

The event will be held in Waxahachie, Texas (35 miles south of Dallas). And it will be in the Convention Center. We have several hotels, B&B's, restaurants, shopping and more. You can take as many, or as few classes as you wish. Registration will be up by next Monday. I hope to see you there!


Homespun Hugs and Calico Kisses said...

Due to a prior engagement, I won't be able to attend in June. Sob!! Please, please, please (:::begging!:::) tell me there will be a Fall Paper Cowgirl!
Hugs, Vicki

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Wow Cindy, the line-up looks great with fantastic teachers!!!!
I am looking forward to getting more information on the host hotel. I really need to make this a "must do" for this year.
You are right...I did promise you that I was coming,didn't I??? Believe me...I'm looking forward to it, you don't have to twist my arm hard at all!!!!
I'm just so sad that I waited and never got the chance to meet Tina in person. It will be hard and bitter sweet for me....she was the very first follower of my blog. The first! She was sooooo sweet.
sniff sniff

Fabulous Finds Studio/Boutique said...

Wow, fabulous classes, a girl could go broke, LOL!

Lisa Phillippi said...

Sign me up!!! I am new to this retreat ...but I can't wait!!!

cindy said...

Vicki - I'm not sure yet, I'm thinking on it. Right now, I have to get past June. LOL. But I am thinking about a small one in the Fall...just not sure yet. :D

JODIE! Email me gurl, I can give ya the poop on the hotel situation! And yep, I hate that too. You would have just loved her, she was just the coolest....miss her so.

Julie, LOL...we hope not! :D

Lisa, cooool! We are hoping to have the registration up and running by next week. Feel free to email me if you have any questions or need any info.

-c said...

I am sooo excited to be a part of this group, thank you so much for the opportunity! Lisa

chantal johnson said...

It's going to be great!! I am so glad to be a part of this year's PC...Can't wait to meet all you Paper cowgirls....See y'all soon!

Keely Yowler said...

WOW! This sounds fabulous.

cindy said...

Thanks Keely! This is our third year to do this and each year is just as fun (if not a little more) than the last. And many are "repeaters", so, kinda like a reunion of sorts. It is a great group of gals and always lots of fun. Come on down! :D


CowgirlTeachArt said...

I am new to blogging...WHAT A BEAUTIFUL SITE! WOW! I can't say enough...Makes me want to move to a new house or redecorate, or quit my job and spend all my time making everything beautiful! Love, Love, Love!